Scope |  9 - 1 - 18



Great Devotionals

           From the east coast, Hip Hop was just part of life. But what secular music had to offer just wasn't satisfying, didn't have the substance. The only remedy seemed to be to make it himself, so Adino started making his own music. He found that not only was it a positive outlet, and another way to scratch that creative itch, but it also allowed him to get some messages across that he felt needed to be heard, and more importantly, the message of Christ.

          "I didn't even know there was Christian rap or hip hop until I started making my own." Once he realized he wasn't alone, and that artists that are now part of Reach, Xist, Collision, CMR, etc. were already part of that ministry, it pushed him to join the cause that much more. Adino's music is from the heart, lessons learned from personal experience, and messages God can use to impart wisdom and help the wise learn from another humans mistakes. Hopefully those who hear his music can pull the meaning out and better understand who God is and who he made us to be. A whole other level of existence. All the glory goes to God.